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FS 3 Tier Rack - 8 Tanks

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Unfinished project.

Similar to the other system I have available only it is not drilled nor does it have bulkheads but can drill them and add bulk heads if you want - obviously not for the same price.

Bulkheads shown in tank not included.

7 tanks shown with another one in the shed.

3 tier wooden rack

tanks 50.5 wide X 57.5 deep X 30 high

Stand is 204cm high and 155cm wide.

Be ideal for catties.



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That is amazing value, It is exactly what I want one day when I have the garage sorted. Id buy it now but I need to make some changes around the house first. I am sure it will sell fast. One day I might get the plans off you if that is ok. If I buy it now, i'll be in the divorce courts faster than you can say pre-nup.

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Pending payment and pick up on the weekend...

Grubby you might have to get in contact with Lochdan and pop round and see it set up if he does not mind and see the set up finished and all up and running. He is a bit closer to you than me. But yeah it is a great little setup and probably one of those regrets for later.

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Many thanks Tech

Both for the tanks/stand, and also your advice on sumping, etc

Will let you know what other fishy bits I need in due course

(in this case "due course" pretty much means when wife recovers from trauma of seeing an additional 8 tanks in the fish room)


Have a great Christmas

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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