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Photoautotrophs or ????? ,lol.

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I hate using these sorts of words with a passion, but no onebelieves anything with out pics and dazzling words,lol.

Anyway i like carrying out a bit of experimenting with thingsthat over the years i have seen, but not had the time to work on.

This one was to see if a Photo autotroph form of life, beingphotosynthetic,could exist with out light in my high nutrient waters.

So i placed a stem of my racemosa with no forms (leaves wewill call them) on it yet, in near no light for two weeks after I starteddosing my system with homemade requirements for corals and algae or whatever,beyond what my bio system feeds the waters!

The original stem kept most of its pigments.

It appears that carbon dioxide fixation to TAG synthesis andsequestration is not happening and it’s still growing???

It seems that the antenna pigments of at least one or moreshould be harvesting light energy,but seems like they are not there, it lookslike even the chlorophyll pigments are gone and photosynthetic life is stillgoing on?

All phycocyanin,carotenes and xanthophylls would begone as well, I assume as there is no colour and the racemosa is still growingand expanding in size, what the????

Some has taken on a slight red tint with in, but the moreaggressive growing parts are completely transparent, not going sexual, it isflourishing while transparent!

Maybe it would only last a few weeks with growth,who knows

Lol,love it!!

The diversity of life in marine systems can be down rightweird at times.


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Its really weird,just mucking around with something i saw years ago andthought,no way was that real,it was,but i would not think this could lastlong,still it’s cool to see.

It seems like the high nutirent and blance with my made up substances feeds itwith out the need of extra sugars from photosynthesis,i don;t know,but i knowsomeone who teaches marine bioligists in Q that will find out how and why, I couldonly gues why.

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have you discovered a link......to jellyfish :) nice stuff liquid...you could create an invisible world in the right situation :)

Well all corals/anemones came from jellyfish,maybe algae did as well,for sure my brain did,lol.

I wish it had actualy evolved though.

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I imagine it is running on stores, or cannabilizing itself.

Similar to the human process of.......

Catabolysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Respiration is the process through which energy stored in organic molecules is released to do metabolic work. A stepwise process conducted in all living cells, it is controlled by enzymes, and releases carbon dioxide and water.


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