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Breeding peacock bass mono pair

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Hi all

this is strictly an eoi ATM , may have some other expensive fish coming through & might need to offload these 2 to help fund the purchase , absolutely perfect monos great colour & markings

Only a young pair who have spawned once for me since I have had them witch is only 3 months or so ,apprantly breed before aswell fully bonded pair that eat massavoire no need for live foods

as I said don't really wan2 sell but if these others come through might need to . Will update the this thread as I found out more info on the others .



note there not for sale yet , just send an offer on them if your keen & I will get in contact with you first once I know for sure .

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Dont want to sound ******* but a breeding pair ( proven fry ) will be worth more than a spawning pair ( spawn eggs but not fertilized ) . As peacock bass females will usually mature & spawn before her male ( if the same age ) is mature enough to fertilize the eggs to produce the fry. It could take a couple of spawning cycles before he gets the idea of what to do.

The fact they are spawning is a great start.

just curious what a breesing pair would be worth any one
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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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