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ox eye herring

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hey mate very interesting fish. i have had them before same thing as spm could not get them to eat, end result was they swam down the outlet and into a tank of jacks being weined ie. no food for a week and a half they couldnt swallow them but slammed them into rocks then tore them up.. survived quite a while despite not eating tho. if i was to try them again i'd put them in their own tank 4ft+, quiet, stocked with feeders. blue eyes, mosquito fish, guppys, surface fish. freshwater shouldnt be a problem, but salt would likely help when thier introduced to deal with stress/handling. i think a big point would be space especially because thier probably wild caught, did a lot better than the milk fish i tried which probably had brain hemmerages from running into the side of the tank every 2 seconds.

let me know how you go. think they'd be awesome once accustomed to a tank.



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