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Super Rare!! Corydoras Robinae Breeding Colony.

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These fish are extremely hard to find and are now full adults and ready to breed. I have not bred them myself as I am yet again short of tank space. The price is reflective of the extreme difficulty in finding these fish available let alone at breeding size and in colony numbers. Can freight or maybe meet in Brisbane depending on day. Pm for shipping prices. Consider offers or trade.





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I wish i had the cash.... A little info for you all

Also known as a bannertail cory, found in 1983 in and around RIO NEGRO, it grows to around 70mm. Temp 21-26 deg Hardness of around 11-11.5 DGH and PH of 7.1- 7.2.

Has been breed in captivity

Hope your sale goes well.........................................

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