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weird baby in tank

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so, tonight I came home and i was looking at one of my tanks with baby bn in it, and to my shock i see a normal fish fry swimming up the top of the tank as happy as can be.

I'm like WTF!!!! how did that get there, all i have in my tanks in bn (80%) a pair of american cichlids pair of kribs and had a pair of Apisto's where the male died :( these are all in septate tanks and all the tanks are linked to the sump.

1 conclusion that i can come to is that one day when i was cleaning out the strainers for the bulk heads a egg went down the pipe and made it all the way to the sump where it got past all of the filtering and has been hanging out near the sump pump, then today it go sucked up into the pump and ended up in the tank.

if it makes it past being a fry i will call it Lucky

or a better name someone suggests :P

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