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Hey everyone

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How's it all going everyone? I'm shaggy "off course not my real name"

I have only recently singed up to this site and its really good and helpful, especially for someone like me.

I just recently bought myself a 3ft tank and stand :D quiet proud of myself ha ha, well...less gibberish and more info, i don't know too much about fish but i would love to learn more, I'm hoping to do really great with my tank for the time being and then getting some more, so any help from you all will be very helpful and much appreciated. :D

PS: I have started a fresh water tank with just the basics

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Welcome shaggy, I've only been on here a short while myself but there's plenty of info in alot of old posts.

If you have any questions there are some very knowledgable people keeping and beeding pretty much every fish you can get in Aus.

Any pics of your setup??

What fish are you keeping/planning to keep?


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Welcome to the darkside Shaggy :)

One tank is never enough. I wonder how long you can hold out with just one tank!

*Laughs like the wicked witch of the west*

I got my first tank in October, I now have over 50 fish, 100's of shrimp and another 4 tanks on a rack setup + about 60 fry.

So true...One is never enough......

Am selling my townhouse atm so I can setup a fish room underneath a highset house (room for more tanks plus 'mancave') :)

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