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Buying fish on here from other states...

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Oh I could be wrong but I do not think there would be a problem starting a thread and just asking if any members to PM you as you are buying fish from them.

I say PM as that would be the only way it would work in with the forum rules. Do not want someone publicly post negatively about someone.

I am just a Section Mod so could get over ruled on this one...Just my thoughts.

I have dealt with some people that have only made one post on QLDAF but have had great experiences with them on other forums.

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So if they only have like 3 posts, avoid them??

Not necessarily, they may be new to the forum, but an experienced seller with a good reputation in the fishkeeping community. As the others have said, ask around - even ask the buyer if he has sold to anyone on the forum before. If they are legit, they shouldn't have any problems with that. I am yet to sell any fish on here, but when I do, I am more than happy to provide usernames of people on here who have bought from me in the past who would be more than happy to let you know how their transactions went :)

If shipping, I usually prefer to use paypal, as I feel there is more protection for both buyer and seller, and yes - you are covered with paypal if you do not receive your purchase.

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get to know your seller, have done this so many times and never been burnt, like ebay, you are not buying off here you are buying off them.

Ask around, see who has dealt with them before exactly like ebay, can be a nightmare if you dont research first :)

enough said :)....

but I have bought from guys with very few posts and only got....awesome fish..:)...I reckon be patient too...I think another way you can tell is by conversating with the shipper quite a bit...ask questions...seeing wether or not they are legit as in terms of what needs to be done etc when shipping fish...a rip off artist is prone to rush you..he only wants the moola...and yep like school....doing your homework always keeps you out of trouble.....

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I have bought and sold through shipping always been happy and got good feedback on my shipped fish

IMO ask who else they have shipped to in Qld (you may know them through forums)

I have a shipping account so I get them to use that. Cheaper for me and less hassle for them

always ask for a photo or two. I have not always done this myself

swap mobile numbers and ring them as you can tell if they know there stuff

also you should have there bank details to deposit cash so if they burn you just report it to police

tell them your new to this they should walk you through step by step so you know what to expect

at the end of the day it's not worth doing a dirty if you want a good name in the fish world IMO


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