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ANGFA December meeting this Friday the 14th

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Hi Gang, just wanted to give everyone a heads up, the final ANGFA meeting for the year will be held this Friday night at Bar Jai hall at 7.30. Our first presenter is Ross Salvato who will be speaking on LED lighting for the aquarium.

Our second presenter will be Gunther Schmida so we can look forward to another fabulous slide show.

And as usual we will have a drink stand, the club shop, and an auction.

See you there,


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This one is also the AGM, so ANGFA Qld members it's you're opportunity to vote in next year's committee. It's almost always the best auction of the year. If previous years are any indication there'll be some absolute bargain natives, plants, and driftwood on offer.

One for Phil...


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Yeah, great meeting, my parkinsonii are colouring up nicely. I wish I had bought some of the Lacustrus aswell they were amazing, but with the bag of Parkinsoni and the Bribie island rhads that I gought off gunther, I barely had room for these suckers.

The LED talk was great, but electrics to me are like the dark arts. Pete, any chance we could get Ross to post that lecture up on the ANGFA forum and perhaps get it added to here ?

Actually speaking of Parkinsoni the ones I got at the ANGFA meeting are the Yellow form. At the final QFAS auction I bought a school of orange form Parkinsonii, now that I can see what a male fish looks like, I am convinced that my school of Orange form are all girls. Anyone have a few spare young males they want to sell or swap or sell ?

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