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Brown alge in African Cichlid tank

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Hi Guys,

I have had my african cichlid tank set up now for approx 2 months and i have noticed brown alge growing on my 3d background and some on the lava rock and alittle on the glass??? All my amonia levels and ph and water quality is great so why is this happening?? Natural process i thought, but i would like to know how do i get rid of it?? Im running a otto internal filer and an Ehiem external filter in a 4ft tank. :-) Cheers!!

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Very natural. 3 basic options.

1. Algae killing product (personally don't like using chemicals)

2. Bristlenose

3. Turn your lights off (won't stop it totally but will reduce it)

Ive recently setup a new tropheus tank and have been trying to grow as much on the rocks as possible to give them something to graze on.



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also to add more to noddy, it could also be over feeding.

the fish are not consuming the food and their is food waste in the tank. or to much fish waste.

Brown algae is very common. I have personally only had an issue in my tank when the light was really low.

so I reduced the amount I fed the fish and also switched the light off an hour sooner then I normally would and turned it on an hour later then I normally would.

If you stick to 8-12 hours a day it can be regulated....start with 8 first as that worked perfectly for me.

Also a bristlenose is a great idea as well. but if you are at tank Capacity then you can work on the easy options first.

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I actually increase lighting :D

Basically this triggers the growth of green algaes, which IMHO makes rocks and backgrounds look more authentic.

Of course each to their own!

A bristlenose is an excellent idea, but do start with just the one adult.

Another solution, is the addition of Chemipure elite, to your eheim cannister. That will remove the silicates that trigger diatomeous algae blooms.

And of course the usual, make sure filter media is not being cleaned in tapwater.

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