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Various Cory Fry for Sale

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Have lots of Cory fry for sale as follows.

Bronze 3-3.5cm @ $3.50 ea

Albino 3-3.5cm @ $3.50 ea

Longfinned Bronze 3-3.5cm @ $5ea

Longfinned Peppered 3-3.5cm @ $5ea

Brochis Splendens 3.5-4.5cm @ $7ea

Corydoras Zygatus 3-3.5cm @ $10ea

Can freight

Can meet in Bris (sthside ) or Ipswich, or pickup here.

Please note that its a long drive from Toowoomba so a minimum order of $60 for meeting in Bris or Ipswich is in place. I usually come down on a Friday to go around the shops for a look so can maybe meet at one of them or deliver if you are o the way. Cheers, Vicki.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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