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Can’t find the exact latin name for this one.

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This porcelain crab or at times are referred too as squat lobsters, are very good at cleaning up algae and cyano have read that they feed on plankton, the anemone crabs I have five of, they do that, but I haven’t seen these do that as yet.

I have always added them to tanks with inverts and never had probs with them and I have seen them over cyano and after they were there it was gone, the same with hair algae, so that’s where I get that from.

I have some blue ones already in the invert tank and rarely see them, more so in the last hour before lights out in that tank.

Some amongst them must not just consume plankton and focus on the rubbish life forms and detritus we need cleaned up in the aquarium as I have seen the green, blue and now the red ones.

We find the more common colours in the thousands on low tide collecting trips and I don’t bother with less attractive ones I will just say,but my clown trigger likes them,lol.

This little female I think it is has just shed so she is looking very pretty and has just joined the group in the invert tank.

They only grow to around the size of your thumb nail and the ones I have kept before seem to have a long life span, well the last ones I had were still alive after 4 years when I sold the reef tank before just tubs for 5 years and now these two tanks.

If you know this exact ones Latin name, cool,cause I don’t!

I only know its mostlikely a Petrolisthes.

The crustacean expert I go to for help is on holidays,government worker, so I have to wait till they come back in January.

This is all his auto system sent me

Unfortunatelyno data searches for Molluscs or Crustaceans can be performed during this time

Oh well.

As you might have noticed with this little ladies left legs i have now introduced chaeto from the tub to this tank by accident!

I should have looked at the pic first before it went in,lol.



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