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Hey guys,

just wondering....

I have pure strain endlers but if i wanted to get another strain of endlers say snakeskin for eg. would my existing females still throw out pures, leaving a x of the 2 strains for awhile, and would they be able to produce properly with the new males?



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This is my understanding of how it works

Pure endler females with endler /guppy crosses will give a mix....but it will be hard to be sure what they are

If you keep the females separate and raise them as virgins then breed the with a male that has the right characteristics

you start the process of fixing a strain....you have to take virgin females from this and breed them back to the same male again...

IF your females are already pregnant it may be 2/3 drops before they are clean.....it is much better to start with virgin females

You end up needing lots of tanks so you can separate males/females and then wait for males to mature and keep picking the ones with the characteristics you want....easy to get lots of guppies....lots of work to get what you are after that breeds true..

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