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Fs 4ft Tank ready to setup

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Hi guys we are unfortunately having to move to Adelaide:( and i didn't want to drag along my 4ft tank and sell all my fish to set it all back up again when we are in Adelaide so i am selling it and needs to be gone in the next couple of weeks. i am not sure on how much i should sell it for but i have seen some 4ft tanks go for $400 on here so ill start at $350 ono. tank will come with hood & stand, filter, dual air pump with the aerators, heater, graval (if wanted it is fine white sand as shown in the pics below), a light and the the decors if wanted as well. the first picture is when i first got the tank that is not the gravel in it now it has the white sand. everything in the tank excluding the fish will be for sale. this tank does have scratches but when clean and looking good you don't really notice them. pm me or post if interested. I WILL HAVE TO SELL THE FISH AS WELL BEFORE I GET RID OF THE TANK. so if interested in buying this tank you might have to wait a couple of days. if interested in fish also send a pm or post a reply although i will make another post for the fish.






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