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WC Frontosa Mpimbwe Breeding Colony (Sealords)

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  • ITEM:WC Frontosa Mpimbwe Breeding Colony (Sealords) 1m/4f
  • CONDITION:great
  • REASON FOR SELLING: not enough room for them in the shed and have them in a small tank and can't find a larger tank for them. regretful sale.
  • PRICE AND PRICE CONDITIONS: $1000, same as what i paid
  • EXTRA INFO/CONTACT DETAILS: great colony and the male is just stunning, the best you will find. don't have any fry from them ATM because the tank there in is to small for breeding but bought them with 30-40 fry 1-2 months ago and there was a mouthful aswel (see picture of there fry below). shannon and i bought sealords fishroom 1-2 months ago and these are the last fish from him we have forsale. need them gone ASAP
  • LOCATION: Gold Coast
  • PICTURES: below
  • size: male is 30cm+, 3 females 22-25cm, 1 female 17-18cm




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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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