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So mum asked me to re-do her pond for her birthday/Christmas present as she had a disaster with the neutralizer she was using and ended up accidently killing 9 of her fish.

The pond has 2 nice feature plants in it that mum wants to keep and it also has a water feature in the middle.

I would say the pond is 8ft long by 4ft wide at its widest point and probably about 2ft long with a shelf at one end thats probably only under 20cm. The pond doesn't get direct sunlight all day and one part of the pond (where the shelf is) only gets the morning sun. Other wise its in shade from the deck.

The pond is stocked with gold fish and will be getting her some more of those after i resolve the water situation. Looking to keep the pond nice and low maintenance but still really stunning. So if anyone knows of any plants that look good and help with keeping the pond looking good them leave a comment.



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