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WTB: Brine shrimp hatcheries

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Hello boys and girls.....Im on the hunt for some brine shrimp hatcheries...

pre-made(pro jobs!) so Im not having to use my lack lustre arts n crafts skills :esup:

Where in Brissy do they sell them....Im not going on e-bay as it will be a bad time of year for anything postage wise....and i need to hatch brine...ASAP

If I have to I will knock somthing up but would prefer something nicer looking ;)

Any info greatly appreciated :)

and if anyone has a little set up they want to sell etc....has to look decent and have a bright positive future in the brine shrimp hatching world :)

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I have been looking too .... couldnt find any so made my own out of 2Lt coke bottles

Betta has a betta setup LOL (the macrostoma king)

He posted a pick upon here in a thread but can't find it.

The ones I made i cut the bottom off the coke bottle but betta just cut one of the lugs off the bottom, which is so much betta as the salt doesnt spray everywhere.

The best ones andcheapest ones on ebay are only 30cm high and 5.5 cm in diameter ..... might be a bit small but i'll include the link so you can see the design at least.

eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

cheap brine shrimp eggs atm via the states so if your interested im about to put in an order for some share freight cost as thats the killer

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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