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F1 Moba Colony

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Still for sale. For those that are Interested as I am getting a few pm's and sick of repeating myself with replies at 11pm on a Saturday with the same question's I have already answered.

I purchased these fish from a guy called Ryan who was selling a heap of fronnies all around the same age Moba's. Mpwimbe, Burundi and Ikola's. He had purchased all fish as f1's around 4 years ago from Different people from Sydney and Brisbane. These fish I am selling I was told were purchased from Sealord sold as f1's at approx 4 to 5cm, so I was told. Ryan had all these Fronnies in one huge 10ft tank as a community display tank and for a long time, probably the reason none have ever bred. I sexed them when I purchased them and also stopped at Smith's aquarium on the way home and had Mark sex them as well and we both agree there is 2 male and 4 female. Now if someone is interested in having a look at these with a genuine interest in buying please pm me.

Kind Regards.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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