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3 x 4ft & 1 x 8ft tank

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sms on 0425 836 400 > pm > call

2400mm x 600mm x 600mm (10mm glass)

silicon work on it is not great. but i've tested and it has no leaks

comes with a stand that I made



2 tanks in the picture sold, the one that's cracked at the back (but still holds water) is left. If the buyer of the two tanks doesn't come pick up his free tank by next week, i'm happy to get it out of my house for EDIT: free with 8ft tank

stand that comes with tank (or not)


tanks are 32cm wide by 46cm ht


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any pics of the stand? could be interested in the 8 footer

stand is pretty rough lol, built it out of scraps i found around the house. price is more for a tank with free stand (if you want it). I'll get a pic up soon.

I don't check this site daily, so please pm me or sms me and i'll get back to you alot quicker.

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Im assuming these all sold?

Also curious about that wooden house/timber ornament in the background of the 1st picture on the right hand side?

Would you ever consider selling that, or where did you get it? It's beautiful.


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