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pH meters and opinions?

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I have just bought a "Eutech eco testr pH2" meter and it seems like a good bit of kit. I can't believe the ease of checking compared to the 2 variable reading chemical type kits i used to use. The meter says it is at least .4 different. I checked with some old calibration fluid and the factory calibration is pretty close. This seems like it's giving me a consistent quick reading. I used to have a proper "Milwaukee" brand tester a few years back when i was into a "Hydro" phase and i could never trust it, it was all over the place. I used to think my fish where all excited because i was giving them fresh water but after testing that my tap water was pH 7 and the charcoal linear filter i put it through was 6.7 and the tank pH 7.4-7.6 i will start doing more smaller and regular changes from now on. How do people rate the cheaper ebay ones? Maybe we should do a reliability test to see how they hold up over time?

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