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help with best type of fish

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Bristlenose Catfish.

That or Red Cherry Shrimp. Not a fish, but you basically don't have to do anything if you have a planted tank and it's established and stuff.


Bristlenose Catfish are not colorful, my bad. >< Red Cherry Shrimp is the only thing that I can think of that is colorful and can survive a lot of neglect atm.

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4ft... canister. Fill it up with Cherries mate, and Apple Snails. XD They will provide red and yellow and maybe some other colors depending on if you can get the other color variations. Very low upkeep, and you don't have to worry about them starving. Any fish that can't really survive off of the algae growing in the tank, will just cause too much stress for ya. Those that can include bristlenoses, but obviously they're not that pretty tho. I dunno about L-numbers - they are pretty, but not sure how well they'd survive tho.

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I agree with pk on this one you really got to look hard on whether fish are really important. Not being nasty but 4fter really isnt that big when it comes to lack of maintenance so personally I wouldnt have fish until your ready to put in time for thee required maintenance. I work a 12 day on 2 day off shift so 1 day is for my family and 1 day for my fish room. The only other way you could really do it is over filter your tank. But then there is feeding dont listen to the rubbish on algae feeders and living off algae for long periods of time, yer this is good once in a while like if you go on hols, but is not good if the fish are expected to do this regularly unless you invest in a good quality automatic feeder.

Just giving you something to think about.

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my partner will be feeding the fish daily and can wipe the tank down and top it up as needed, it is just the cleaning of the filter that won't get done until I'm home every four weeks. It's a four foot tank with a canister filter.



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Well a canister filter doesn't need to be cleaned too often. Obviously it depends on the stocking level of the tank, but a canister filter really only needs to be cleaned once every two to four months.

With fish, the main concern would be the need for water changes. If your partner could do a small water change once per week, that would be a good start. Then when you are home, you can do a larger water change.

Or, if you have the cash, there are tank maintenance services, where some one comes out, cleans and water changes your tank. I know forum sponsor, Pet City used to offer this service (not sure if they still do).

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If you are desperate, you can minimize the stock, put as many plants in as you can. Of course, choose the easiest ones, or hang a bunch aluminium on top with timer light, put more sprong filters, Fill 3/4 and ask your partner to top up weekly, it will be fine when you get back to do a big WC, and do a quick cleaning of the glass...

i suggest not to use any gravel, and get a auto gravel cleaner, yr partner will soon see many p.... and will be angry enough to take them out ;)

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4 weeks without a water change?

too easy man

6 peacocks

feed spectrum

add in a powerhead like an otto 800

teach Mrs to clean powerhead (IF she needs too, and she likely will not)

start with young ones

and once full adult

you will still be able to get away with 4 weekly water changes.

Have setup many such tanks before

where family could only afford a callout to clean once a month

and thus I would setup tanks that would get to 80ppm nitrate in those 4 weeks

then do a double 50% water change + filter clean.

result was nitrates below 20ppm

yea its not perfect

buuuuuuuuuuuut it works well.

mbuna are even better

heck get shell dwellers

and you would usually be doing monthly water changes anyway

shell dwellers like multis are awesome

as they build civilisations and tribes

in tanks that large

let them be the bosses

and ye shall be entertained!


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