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what is this fish?

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See it looks like a trev


but because fullys look so similar


its very common to see mixes of the 2 species around these days.

Is that one?

who knows lol

Keep in mind these things are tanks.

Survivors, clever and promiscus.

Very similar to the simochromis diagramma you had earlier.

They inhabit the surf zone, often crop feeding on rocks no other fish have the tools to do so

The colouration of them is actually really cool

I have a nice marmalade cat poster here, but yea basically LOTS of locality colours AND lots of linebred colour types.

The way the OB form works is very clever, many theorys point to it being a way to prevent trev/ful/zeb interbreeding.

As much of a sin as it is

they are one of the few fish that work well in mixed american/african cichlid setups.

Just need some structure to lurk around to stay outta trouble, similar to convicts in that way.


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