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L333,L134,Laser green cory,LFMarble,marble,LFalbino,albino,Royals...

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hi all I have a few catfish for sale

6x L333 4cm+ over 6 mths old $50 each

4x L134 5cm $80 each ALL SOLD

4x Laser green cory 3.5cm $30 each ALL SOLD

6x L/F marble 4cm $15 each

10x Marble b/n 4cm $8 each 5 on hold

6x L/F albino 4cm $8 each

6x albino b/n 4cm $5 each

4x Royal Whiptail 6cm $12 each ALL SOLD

common b/n upto 7cm $1 per cm

pickup only southside of brisbane

pm or post here

cheers pete

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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