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Sorry this post is not meant to start an argument, just to clarify which fish you actually mean.

There is often some confusion around the name Jurupari, as it has been misused in the past to identify all species from the Satanoperca genera.

Satanoperca leucosticta (also known as Green horse face) has been common in the Australian aquarium industry for a few years. Over the years, many hobbyists have sought after Satanoperca jurupari, but as far as I am aware, jurupari are not present in Australia. Unfortunately, sometimes leucosticta as been mislabeled and sold as jurupari, which then causes some confusion and angst for hobbyists down the track.

Of course I would love to be proved wrong, and for jurupari to exist in the Australian aquarium scene, as they are an awesome fish.

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I was of the belief that both were hear now Australia. One (jurupari) has a little black dot up the top just between the body and the tail fin. The other (leucosticta) doesn't have this dot. I have seen both species myself hear within the last couple of weeks.

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As far as I'm aware, the main difference between to two species are the facial markings.

Leucosticta have lots of small white to green dots over the face.

Satanoperca leucosticta (Whitespotted Eartheater) — Seriously Fish

Jurupari have striped facial markings.

Satanoperca jurupari (Jurupari Earth Eater) — Seriously Fish

If you look at the two photos provided in the species profiles, you'll see both species have a black dot on the base of the Caudal fin.

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