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fs: 2 x fx5 fluval cannister $275 each midjan pickup

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I'm moving tanks and will have the following as excess:

. - 2 x fx5 with media (substrat, matrix, noddles, mech, foam - can't remember which one have which media) complete with all original parts, except the tap cover on can discharge outlet (bottom tap) -does not impact performance. About 2years old. Working order and pressure is still strong. Will be decommissioned mid january since the replacements will need to start the bacteria process. After $275 each and first who comes gets to pick what he likes. - 1 reserved for shaun. 1 for craig.

- 1 x fx5 used spares, canister bucket, tubes in and out, motor (running with o rings) after $100. - other parts taken. Only the motor available. Will sell for $50 or free if somebody gets the two fx5s in one go.

pm me if you want it with pick up midjan. It will be running when you pick it up so just plug and play on your tank. This will make sure that it runs and don't leak. I'll list down names of persons interested.

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1 fx5 back up for sale. I broke one lock of the bucket and had put washer to hold it. It is still working as is and not leaking. Will sell this for $260 so you get the option to buy parts of keep it as is- working anyway. Can be pick up over the weekend.

Take this for $250 this weekend. It is working as is and does not leak. Need to sort out my move and will need to shut this down soon.

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