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albino longfin pair, fry and marble sf female. Trio of pepps

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I need to sell most of my fish because I'll be moving house within a month. A lot of b/n, albino krib and apisto cac fry has to go, as well as the adults.

I have a pair of longfin albino BN. Not sure what they are worth,

The male has bred at least 4 times but the female has not bred yet

I also have a female marble shortfin. Bred for the first time a month ago. Nice young fish,

I have plenty of longfin albino fry of various sizes and a few short fins as well.

I also have batch of new marble fry about 1cm at the moment.

And I have a trio of peppermints that would be 10-12cm. One male and two females. They have not bred for me but are very fat and ready. Would like to know how much they are worth. Not 100% sure if I keep these guys or sell them.

I also have rainbows, siamese algae eaters, and albino kribs for sale that need to go as well which I'll post in the right sections.

Will grab some pics today.

Only pick up in Toowoomba.

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Sad to say, I had a closer look at the female longfin because I noticed a couple of bristles on her nose last week. I got some pics and I think it is a very very late blooming male.

I'll post them tonight to confirm. :( :(

Yep, I'm 90% sure this fish is male.

can someone confirm...



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