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breeding setups,6,8,9 bays and FISH

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we are looking at selling our setups currently all hooked together, 1st bay has 9 tanks 2.4 long and 2nd has 8 tanks at 3m, 3rd has 6 at 3m, sump is black tub works well.comes with 2 pumps a jebao 10000L

a pondmate 18000L, and a recently bought LP60 air pump and all tanks are plumbed with bulkheads strainers etc, 2 on wooden stands 1 on steel stand , all have solid shelving and poly, lids etc

pick up only in caloundra comes with fish, sand gravel etc

Fish included

golds and greens severums

dempsey female, pink firemouths, convict pair fry and juvies,breeding bristlenoses and bubs,

demasoni, whiteknight flameback, electric yellow, kingsiezi- all juvies, electric yellow trio breeding,

OK we are looking at offers welcome to view.or trade swap we want to go camping so we need trailer, tent, stuff

will consider seperating

pm please or text 0414297446

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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