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CHEAP female peacocks

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Have around 20 female peacocks here, mostly dragonblood/tangerine, and a few ob's.

None of these females have spawned in last month, in one case because the fish is a male.

In a few its because they were put aside to heal after getting beaten up, they are healed up now tho.

In others its because they have a lot of yellow in their genetics. And a few may have just refused to breed while there were cuckoos in the tank.

Either way, I decided to seperate out my best breeders from the rest.

And so...... these are the rest.

Chasing $50 for the lot.

reply here or by pm

Pictures below show the fish for sale, half in each bucket.

The last shot shows the male that infiltrated them. He is included. Not sure what colour he will be, most likely gold.




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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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