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Weird munted peacocks

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I have 9 "queensland shortface" peacocks here. I should have culled them long ago, but I didnt as they were just too funny.

Anyway if anyone out there wants them, they are freeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Would prefer they went to someone with a sense of humor, but if they have to go as feeders........ then so be it.

bucket is about 30cm in diameter to give you an idean on size,


below is the largest male, he has not coloured up yet as has been in with much bigger males


and one of the girls


as you can see they are pretty fugly

and ya, they hold their own at feeding time and in brawls.

Took me a while to work out which female was producing these guys, hence the 2 different sizes.

annoying but funny but annoying lol

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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