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Age of Aquariums - Ceramic Rings 500gm


The bulk of your cannister filter filler.

So its rings or noodles.

Then some chunks of coarse sponge.

noodles + coarse sponge = 100% of ya biological filtration, and about 75% of your mechanical.

Then a bit of fine mechanical maybe.

Not too much as lots of fine mechanical means you have to clean the cannister filter more often.

I prefer to use an easy to clean powerhead filter to provide the rest of the mechanical, and leave the cannister to be mostly biological filtration.

Coarse foam provides alright mechanical, so I tend to focus on more coarse sponge and less fine any way.

And finally if ya want to put a cherry on top, some chemical.

so something like biochemzorb, carbon or macropore.

Its all about working less and the cannister filter working better.

Rings or noodles, they dont clog up.

Because they are terribad at mechanical filtration.

This means that if a canister filter is setup for purely biological filtration, using noodles, then you would get ages between cleaning it.

But there would be chunks floating around in ya water.

And that is what noodles are

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