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Hi All,

My tanks are meant to be at about 24 to 27 degrees, but with all this heat they are up at and just over 30 degrees.

Is this normal for tanks during summer?

Will it cause issues for my fish?

I turned the heaters off to make sure that they're not faulty and over heating the tanks but it is still staying high.

I don't have lights on 2 tanks and haven't been turning the other tank lights on where possible to try to stop any more over heating but that is not helping much either.

What do i do...

Also in a few of my newer tanks, more so in the ones that have live plants, I am getting cloudy gooey stuff on airline tubing and everything else that is rubbery.

Is it a new tank thing? Most of my tanks are a little less then a few months post cycled, but i know it takes a lot longer to be free of the New Tank Syndrome.

Is it dangerous to my fish?

I have also noticed that i have some very tiny snails that must of hitched a ride in on the latest plant additions to the tanks.

But could something so tiny be causing or making this worse, i'm pretty sure the gooey stuff was around before the snails. especially on the airline tubing in particular, but now its spreading and becoming quite thicker and more noticeable, even in the tanks that have no plants and no snails.

It's hard to know the exact cause when all my tanks that have it are set up and maintained differently depending on the needs of the fish and plants.

I have been trying to get rid of it by rubbing it off the surfaces then vacuuming out as much as i can when doing my now more frequent water changes, but within a day or two its back.

What the hell is it and how do i stop it from happening, permanently if thats even possible.

Is anyone else having this problem


All and Any advice welcome


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ensure water surface is rippled/agitated/disturbed

this will oxygenate water.

feed a bit lighter

only put aquarium lights on at night

worst case scenario ~ replace lids with egg crate, and put a pedastal fan on a chair to blow accross water surface and cool tank.

best case scenario ~ have a teco chiller on hand to bring tank to a bulls eye temperature AND hold it there.


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I have the white/clear slime on my new air lines as well as suction caps. From others on the forum it always happens on new rubber and will go away over time so don't worry.

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4ft African Cichlids, Tiny snails, couple of Live Plants - Not long finished cycling - 31 degrees

3ft 2 Marbled Angelfish, 2 Albino Corydoras, 2 Orange Suckerfish, 3 Black Widow Tetras, 5 Black Phantom Tetras, 2 Male Guppies, Fostered Silver Shark, Tiny Snails and Live Plants (Almost all are quite small and aren't always in this tank at the same time, depends on spawning). Very Effective Bio Filter and Regularly Maintained.

1ft Guppy Fry

2 x 2ft Spawning/Breeding Tanks - 1 with Black Widow Fry - 30 degrees

4 x 18" by 18" cycling for Various Fry and egg layers, Almost fishished

I also maintain my sisters 4ft tank which is a freshwater community tank very much like my 3ft, except hers has Fake Plants, No Gooey Slime, No Snails...

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