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For sale: Large Americans/Salmontail and Silversharks

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Americans and assorted

3 Red Tiger Oscars - 10cm - $10ea or $25 for three. - SOLD

1 Super Green Texas - 15cm - $15 -SOLD

1 Rivulatus - 15cm - $10 - SOLD

2 Red Tiger Oscars - 15cm - 2 for $25

1 Male Festae - 18cm - $70 - Just need a girl and he will breed - Killed his last girlfriend as not enough hidy holes for her - SOLD

1 Red Devil - 18cm - $30

3 Salmon tail catfish - 2 are 20cm - $20 and one is approx 40cm - $40

The pictures I have are pretty bad quality but I didn't want to take them out of their tanks. If you want better pictures or more then just let me know and we'll grab them out and take a shot.

Will upload a few more pictures later today - of the festae male!

Pm me or reply to the thread, great looking fish that would look great in display tank or to breed - unknown of most of their sexes however.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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