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Discus breeding in the Fern Wall

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We put together a tank using the Hamburg Matten Filter system. With the goal of hiding what some say is a detractor from overall beauty.(IMO water quality comes before anything else. Hence I worry not for a little bit of blue foam)

The foreground of the tank was meant to be grown out in Glossostigma and the wall was planted out with 3 types of Java Fern, African fern is on the root and Java moss and Anubias fills in the gaps.

Aquarium-60cm x 45 x 45

Co2-citric acid and baking soda

2 x 20w T8`s

Tank is stocked with neons and 2 discus we were gifted recently. We created the hill using Flourite and Poret.


The discus arrived a little unhealthy with internal flagellate due to bad bad water quality in previous owners tank. Fish weren't able to eat. I don't believe in antibiotics. So we raised the water temp to 32c, this increased their metabolism and allowed their immunity to build up. After a while they started feeding and were fed food soaked in 3%solution of Epsom salts.

After a bit of a photo session we noted pre-spawning behaviour. Cleaning of the root and shivering shaking posturing.

This morning the root was covered with eggs. Parents seem to be into the caring of the eggs.




Other than the Glossostigma struggling we are extremely happy with the setup and how its going.

Water parameters are perfect and filter maintenance is non existent.

A perfect aquarium for modern day living.

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The single outlet in the Fern Wall tank runs at 240l/hr. A cycle rate of +-2.3times an hour. In the cichlid tanks its a rate of 4 times an hour. But to counteract the higher flow I have used a 7.5cm thickness rather than 5cm. The higher the flow rate the thicker the foam.

Test results are fantastic for both setups.

I have just setup a aquaponics system on the harem tank, which features in our Hamburg experiment video. Quite keen on growing basil and lowering the nitrates.

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