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Pseudotropheus flavus colony

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I got this group of fish about 2 weeks ago as an impulse buy as I hadn't seen any flavus for some time. I bought them as 2 boys 7 girls but I suspect it is actually 3 boys and 6 girls.

I'm going to be upfront and say that whilst the barring and the general form of the fish is quite good, the colour is NOT up to scratch. I'm not desperate to get rid of them but I thought I might offer them up to somebody else who may already have some flavus and be looking to do some work to resurrect the quality of this species in Australia.

If you do not already have a colony or are not willing to put in the time to do some selective breeding these fish are not for you.

On the flipside, if anyone has a spare male that is showing some better colour and could be talked into parting with him please let me know.

Trying to rebuild the quality of flavus bloodlines is my goal; I will not let these fish go to just anyone.



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Time to show em' how it's done Nige!!!

OH how i wish i could get back into breeding Stacey

This picture was not even the best male but a spare i put in my display. I have noticed that over the years the Flavus colours have got less and less. I tried line breeding these myself however all i was acheiving was slighly more colourful females but the males were fadeing over the generations.

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I have got a male, not as brilliant colors as they should have but he is a nice looking boy. I dont think I am willing to part from him but would be interested in buying some females and maybe another male. I am new to this hobby but I am completely hooked and want to get into breeding. If you would be willing to sell me some, contact me. If you would rather get in contact with someone more experienced I completely understand.

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