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Altolamprologus compressiceps?

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Hi Gaz,

They are a very cool looking fish hey.

They arent what most would call a beginner fish. I maintain the altolamprologus species as being rather hardy, so long as some rules are followed. Same with most tanganyikans. However, there are good reasons why tanganyikans are often considered a bit more challenging than malawians. They are not very tolerant of bad water conditions. A good understanding and confidence in Water management and conditions is required to keep any fish successfully. Tangs are just a bit more sensitive to it for the most part. While not that difficult to breed, the fry can sometimes be touchy to raise when very young. As most tanganyikan substrate spawners can be. frys are very small. A better beginner african would be most any of the lake malawi mbunas, or lake victoria cichlids. They are very hardy, and a piece of cake to breed generally, and are much cheaper, so mistakes dont cost as much money. If you can breed and maintain mbuna without any troubles, altos will not be too much more of a challenge. Might just require a little more patience to breed perhaps. Also, the fry grow very very very slowly. so be ready for that.

I dont wish to put you off trying at all. If you read and research and learn all you can, then you will gain the confidence required to keep them easily and successfully. You will know when you are ready to have a crack at it and test what you have learned.



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Thanks for the info Jason, I might try a few easier species before getting into Comps.

To answer your question Frenchy, Since i have just come from Darwin, i have only kept Clown loaches and Angel Fish and i have only bred Blue Acaras. So i am only very new to the Water Quality/ Testing department, so i think i might try what Jason said and stick to the more hardier species.

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Can't go past 6 of my 3-5cm electric yellows combined with 6 of my 3-4cm acei (msuli pt variety -blue with yellow tail). ;););)

Very, very cheap and I'm very,very close and I'm very, very happy to talk you through how I raise and look after them. I'll pm my contact details if you're interested :):)

What size tank/s are you keeping??



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