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Turtles with fish?

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Sure they go well together, at least for the turtles. I know someone that tried it and ended up calling the turtles stealth fighters as they would slide up beside a fish and then suddenly attack the fish and eat it, he ended up with no fish.

If you're going to try it I would recommend letting the fish get too big to fit into the turtle's mouths. Oscars seem a good option as long as they're big enough to not be food fpr the turtles when you put them in together.

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I had someone let a turtle go in one of my koi ponds when I was living in NSW.

The turtle managed to damage about a dozen big fish and kill 6 I think.

I couldnt work out what was going on. Dived in after it, after I saw a fish swim past WITH A TURTLE LATCHED ONTO ITS TAIL.

They can take down large fish.

Fish are no good at avoiding them at night time, where turtles can hunt by scent.


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For even asking that question

it sounds like you like, or even care about the fish.

therefor the turtle will maim or kill them.

IMHO thats how it works.

consider getting some fish you hate the sight of

and would never want to keep

if you do that

they will likely co-exist for a decade or more.


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I've got a decent sized eastern longneck named Schnork with various fish. For some reason Schnork doesn't touch catfish (bristle nose, various Cori) even though they are bite sized - in general though if the fish is small enough to fit in the turtle's mouth then it probably will end up getting eaten.. If the fish are too big to be swallowed though Schnork completely ignores them. I've had Schnork with a variety of cichlids - JDs, Sevrums, Chocolate cichlids, Texas etc and he hasn't so much as bitten one.

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if you want some different turtles try the herp trader

The Herp Shop - Australia

Also you will need a reptile NPW licence/permit to keep turtles

Maybe have a look at the Saw shell turtles ,,,,, these are my favourites having the serrated edged shell red brown in colour with yellow underside, don't grow as big as other short neck species and tend not to hibinate.


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