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Anyone interested in downsizing

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I have an aqua one ar850 tank which holds 165 Litres, just shy of 3 ft but quite tall. Tank surround is silver, sits on a beach coloured cabinet and has a built in internal filter.

Anyway, hubby doesn't feel the same about fish as I do unfortunately as I just can't get enough of them :) and he has banned me from having anymore tanks (only have this one and fluval edge) so I'm thinking maybe someone might like to swap a 4 or 5 foot tank with cabinet and I pay extra $$$ to cover the difference.

My theory is I won't be having anymore tanks, still 2 but a larger one so that doesn't sound like its breaking any rules :)

Just throwing it out there. My babies are tangs and would love to be able to set up a proper area for my Shellie's on one end, Calvus/ Gold Comps on the other and my Nigrippinis wherever they like without territory issues.

So, if your tank is too big for what you want and you are north side of Brissy please send me a pm.

Here is a pic of my tank



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I love your lateral thinking, I have the same problem, my missus won't let me buy any more fish, the only way I can get more fish is if I make them or use money I have earned from selling fish I have made. Good luck with transforming the 3ft into a 5ft :mrgreen:

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