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Metal Halogen Light with 2 4ft Fluros

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I got this off a friend to sell it so all i know is what i have read off it. He said the electrics might need to be looked at before instillation into a full time use. The light is working at the moment but could use a good clean up. The brand is also unknown.

The light is

2 x 150watt 20000k Metal Halogens

2x 4ft T8 36watt bulbs

Dimensions are:

1260 x 300 x 100mm Maximum

Power cord is 1.7 Meters






Please Make offers as i do not know what a light like these are worth

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i think you will find that this light was originally sold by AVK products and yes the electrics do need looking at for longer periods .

who ever buys this needs to have it looked at by an electrician

no big deal

other than that it's a great light very powerful



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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