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American breeding pairs and singles

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For sale, clearing out some spares!

Gold Severum pair, 16/17cm good breeders, great colours $sold

Red Snook Pair, 20cm+/18cm

Awesome red/orange colour, laid twice, kept one batch of fry to grow out $140pr.

Split Gene Jack Dempsey's, both around 16/18cm, male has damaged top fin from another male, otherwise perfect, excellent colour. Excellent EBJD breeders $sold

Rainbow Cichlid pair, very nice colour, great breeders $sold

Coatzacoalcos Pair 25/20cm, regular breeders $no longer for sale

Pearsei pr, havent had them long but already breeding, originally from Fish Junkie so A1 quality, 20/18cm, $no longer for sale

Bocourti's 2 of them around 30cm $180 for both or $sold

Red Devil, female 10cm $sold

Clown Loach, a random extra from a tank purchase, 10cm $sold

Wild caught oscar, bought from Pet City a few months ago, 14cm, male $50

Split gene dempsey pairs $150, trios 1m 2 f $200 big ebjd breeders

Need the space for fry and new fish.

Pickup only hope island 0433225372

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