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To like or not to like?

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Let me just say that i have never had a facebook/myspace/twitter account and this forum is the only one besides emails etc that i try to communicate online to people with. I have noticed that i am getting a few"likes" from some people and wonder is it kosher to ignore them or should i give them a "like"? If so how do i do it? It's like i am being sucked into something i can not understand. I am visually challenged at times and cannot find a way to do it or is it some sort of carry over from those social sites where everything is linked? I am confused.


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Dude you're over thinking it, if you like or agree with something someone posts then hit the "Like" tab at the bottom right of their post, simple as that :egrin: Don't feel obliged to like them back if someone likes a post you have made, it just means they agree with what you have posted :egrin:

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Well, I'm new here, and I do have a facebook account logged in, so it may change what I see... However, in the bottom right hand corner of the white area your text is contained in, I see Like | Share - it is just above where Reply With Quote is situated. I personally would only "Like" a post if I actually agreed with the contents of the post, to me, it doesn't matter who wrote it if I agree with what is said. If it's written by someone I may not usually agree with, all the better ;) It has nothing to do with who may or may not like my posts initially. That's just me though :)

I'm not sure if this helps or not. I'm a newbie here too, so maybe others will be better off replying :)

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