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Rare giant gourami

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Pink Giant Gourami is just over 1 foot long

Gourami is about 4 years old had him since he was 10cm long . he is in need of a bigger tank, bigger then 4foot. Would like him to go to a fish keeper that can look after these type of fish. Please bring larger container for transport, the Gourami is a surface air breather so he can be left in a container for a while. Thanks for looking. PICK UP ONLY GOODNA southwest Brisbane. davewhitenoosa@hotmail .com RESPONED TO EMAIL will give the pleco to buyer if they want it. Would like to sell ASAP open to offers as well,




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Hi offbyeone27,

Could you tell me what his behaviour is like? - e.g. aggressive, bored, happy & tame, or just excited when food appears?

I have a 10ft swimming pool with 5 monster GPGs (and a number of 10cm ones somewhere in there too). Plecos are OK as a companion fish - there are 3 in the pool with mine. I'd be happy to make an offer after consulting my bank account :-). and yes, I have a massive esky especially for GPG moving!



PS: You can have a look at my pool on the thread "Giant Pink Gourami "Baby" updates


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hi grover65k, well he is a bit of everything, every now and then he might get bored and bump into the pleco but nothing that the pleco carnt handle, he does get excited when food appears , when he is hungry which is most of the time. i would say he is tame but like all wild animals they can turn, i have had some American cichlids in with him once they were about 12cm long and they got on fine, he did chase them sometimes but never could catch them. I am waiting to here back from a guy on monday but i think he might not turn up, I'll let you no how it goes. cheers offbyeone27

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