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A) Icebergs and B)Yellows

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hey have some iceberg blues and electric yellows for sale they are 5-6 cm $6 ea for they icebergs or 10 for $50, and $5 ea for the yellows or 10 for $40. prices are firm.

also have 2 male icebergs 8-9 cm, good colors will make great display fish, woulda grabbed a pic but i dont know where the camera is, these guys are $15 ea and i currently only have 2 of these guys.

all fish have been measured and size and numbers confirmed, pick up will be warwick let me know when you'll be here and i'll have em ready for you when you turn up.

also have a quad of hongi you can have for $20 and a spare male that lost most of his tale a while back (i assume to the other male) someone thats buying fish can have as a freebie. these guys are good breeders but im just not that interested in them great for someone to get into breeding with.

pickup warwick




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thanks kasman they were breed by doug using his lines and two others. i just selected my breeders from those first generation crosses.

thought i better give the old fella some credit.

edit. well i was taking pics of the icebergs this arvo when i found the camera but i love the yellows as well. heres some of those icebergs pics just for fun. the were just caught out of another tank, so colors not at the max, as well you can see ones been coping it from the other, their blaze backs right off when their like that. anyway just some quick ones, not showing them at their best. second one shows their size compared to 6-8cm icebergs and 5-6cm yellows.




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