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Am I overstocked?

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Hey all, have been asking a few questions over the last few months as I learn more about keeping fish and much appreciate all the responses and help from people on the forum.

Currently wondering if I'm overstocking my tank...I have a couple of change to stock that I am making, here is my current list and planned list of fish would appreciate advice on if the tank is overstocked or not and how do I tell if a tank is overstocked? It's a 6x2x2 planted tank with driftwood. I have a 1200lph and 1250lph cannister filter running (both aqua one), 4x air stones spaced at the back, 2x 300W heaters and lights.

Current stocklist:

2x gold gourami

2x blue gourami

2x pearl gourami

6x peppermints

3x common BN's

5x clown loaches

3x pakistani loaches

3x salmon red rainbowfish

1x goyder riber rainbowfish

approx 20 neons (don't seem to have any issues with gouramis or other fish heckling them)

All of these fish (except the common BNs) have been purchased in the last 3 months so are relatively small still.

Planned stock list:

2x gold gourami (male & female)

2x blue gourami (male & female)

2x pearl gourami (male & female)

3x peppermints (I'll keep the best male and the two best females)

3x pakistanis

3x red rainbofish

1x goyder (it seems to be doing OK even though it is by itself - doesn't look stressed, eats plenty of food, doesn't hide or act timid)

approx 20x neons

4x Boesemani rainbowfish

4x lacustris rainbow fish

thanks in advance!!

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You can stock more fishes with your current list, it is not over stock at all

For me, I would probably get a few Discus in there but heard that gourami and discus not a very good mix due to gourami waste could harm discus. Anyway, I'm not 100% sure on that quote. Good luck

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Not overstocked at all the plants also help and act as a natural filter, keep up the water changes and you will be fine.

Also dont put discus in that tank, bad idea, to keep discus happy they should not be kept with other species of fish that will compete for their food, or fish that dart around a lot,the rainbow fish will scare the discus. They are not compatible with those fish and they will eat the neons.

Post a pic? would be great to see.

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Hey thanks for all the great feedback!! Ill post a pic of the tank, its just taken on my galaxy s3 so not amazing and my fish photo skills could certainly do with improving bit it gives a bit of an idea of what it looks like :-) My plants need to grow heaps more! Im thinking I need to pit some more swords in the back and tie at least another 6 anubias to the driftwood in there! The broad leafed plant on the right are the front look great, I pulled a bunch or leaves off it and replanted them hoping they will grow. I have 4x 39w tubes and no co2 - not the best growing setup but my budget is pretty stretched with buying the tank and fish lol!!

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