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Hi all,

just a quick one, I need to buy a master test kit for my tank, I have been getting tests a LFS but work is getting to busy to get there when i need too, I want to get my own,

question is,, any recommendations of brands? Or are they all similar, AOA online has API Brand which seems ok value, any opinions would be welcomed?

Also mods or sponsors can you please advise do the sponsor give discounts to members and if so how do u go about that if you order online?

Cheers Ben

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To get your discount , just mention your a qldaf member in the shipping instructions.


Thanks MatMatMat,

And everyone else as well,

looks like the API might be the go, i only have 1 tank with Africans so it should do the trick

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Pretty much been covered by other posters but,

The API one is the fastest to use, hence why lfs use. Time is money man, and testing water takes time.

To really advise on the most suitable one we really need to know more about the tank.

If its an sps reef then salifert or red sea test kits are the bomb. If you want to celebrate australia day by buying aussie then get aquasonic ones.

otherwise API is awesome, and yea with one african tank the one I would also reccomend.

$42 for the api freshwater at aoa, you just mention you are a forum member on here in the shipping instructions (or at the register) to get a 10% discount off that.

I think you mention at register at redlands too.

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