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awesome led lighting

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amazing some of the advances with led lighting. was in the ideal electrical store on pickering street the other day and saw this amazing product. its actually one huge led panel, super slim and lightweight and extremely cheap to run, nice and bright with even coverage. this one is 1200x600 but they have other sizes. its from the robus range of led light panels, not cheap, but then again, for the money, a great investment...selling for 160.

LED Panel Light - 600mm x 1200mm

  • Light output equal to 4x36W fluorescent (replacement for fluorescent modular fittings)
  • Fits into standard sizes of ceiling grid, 15mm and 24mm
  • Complies with Part L1 and L2 of building regulations
  • 50,000 hour average lamp life. Up to 5 times that of a standard fluorescent
  • Simple to install and low/no maintenance
  • Low glare diffuser and 4000K colour ensures this product can be successfully used in offices, hospitals, restaurants, leisure, retail and educational centres
  • Suitable for PIR switching


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im sure it would be awesome on a tank without plants (freshwater)but no good for plants or coral i never said anything about marine ,as that is obvious that it would be not suitable,i am all for led lighting and as i have just said it would be great on a tank with just fish and plastic plants and ornaments etc.

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