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Dead Bolivian Ram :(

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Hey guys,

So i get up this morning and one of my bolivian rams has died, there is now one left and im hoping he doesnt die also.

Are these fish sensitive to any changes or?

I did a 50% waterchange the other day and may not have put quite enough water ager in to combat this (i ran out)? Could that be the problem?



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Sorry to hear about your ram - that sucks, eh?

50% is a pretty big water change - was there a reason for such a big one or is this the norm?

How often do you do them?

I think all fish are sensitive to some degree to drastic changes - I've read that osmotic shock is a reaction to differences in hardness, ph and chemical compostion.

I would check your water for ammonia, nitrite - you may have had a spike.

Whilst I'm faarrrr from being an expert, lightyears away in fact, I have read that unconditioned water - ie that has not had a dechlorinator added - the chlorine can wipe out your nitrifying bacteria, which can lead to a "mini-cycle".

I've read of many experienced keepers that don't add anything to their water, but I think they have conditoned their fish through stringent, regular & consistent water maintenance.

I was advised that 25/30% weekly was the best way to do water changes.

I always use prime & chuck in some stability every other week or when introducing quarantined fish.

Were they new?

Were any other fish added recently?

Any signs of illness - spots, red marks, etc?

I'm sure someone more experienced than I will be along to help

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