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FS: Lights - 3 ft and 4 ft

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3 four foot single light units for sale. units are old and will need new globes and starters. 2 are metal case and 1 is plasic case. I have checked and all work, but come with no guarantees. They are taken in as is condition. I will post piccies when I get to it.

Also have 2 three foot light units - both metal case. Same as above I have checked and they are working, but one has no globes and starters at all.

Will swap for dwarfs or plants, maybe geos or catties if Squirt likes them.

$20 for 3 footers, $30 for 4 footers. If you want to make an offer for more than one PM me.

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These are the three foot tanks - couple of peeps interested. Note the authentic imitation wood grain metal light at no extra cost.....


Four foot light - one plastic to the front - black metal one to the right and a white metal one behind.

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