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3 Malawi breeding colonies

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Young breeding colony of quality OB/Marbled Peacocks available for sale. Parents are hand-picked stunners from Donny and Craigo.

2 males and 3 females and 2 uncertain, but look female. About 50-90mm.

$75 for the colony of 7.

Nice colony of Lab. Hongi. 9 fish in total, 3-4 males and the rest females, about 50-90mm.

Some females now holding but will be stripped before sale as they often spit in transit anyway.

$90 for the colony of 9.

Colony of some great quality Copadichromis Azureus. Stunning fish.

2 definite males and 3 females and 2 uncertain, but most likely females.

Range from about 60-110mm.

$170 for the colony of 7


All, nice quality fish, but sorry no photos at this stage.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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