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fh fry

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hi peeps got a few flower horns to flog off only small but r the 2nd kull i got all the ones out that have week or no script they r going to be sold as feeders,so theese fry have skript, red eyes , dad is my big kok male n mum fader should get some nice fish if u grow them out. runing out of room and beter fry been born im not big on faders but last time i said i kulled fader fry every one said theyed takem so here u go.kasman cn some fry i bred today hell vouch the potential . if u ask him im sure 0402500739 txt or ring me as my other half is due to have our baby so il have limited time to get on the comp

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yep seen John's fish yesterday, he does not keep or breed crap.

Every FH he had I wanted lol. srsly.

But looks like you got some buyers anyway mate.

get those 2 pairs you got setup to churn out some fry and you'll be laughin mate. they are quality.

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