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Eheim PowerCleaner Algae Scraper now in stock

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Hi All.

We just received our shipment of the latest product from EHEIM. The Eheim PowerCleaner Algae Scraper.

With the battery operated EHEIM PowerCleaner any stained or calcified glass panels can be quickly and easily cleaned. Even the most stubborn stains such as green spot or brush algae can be effortlessly removed. The integrated LED light shows up even the smallest stains therefore making the cleaning process much easier. The EHEIM PowerCleaner is fully submersible and therefore suitable for all sizes of aquariums. The 8 cm blade provides a wide usage area for extremely easy cleaning. The total length of the unit is approx. 50 cm with extension piece.

Made in Germany

24 month replacement warranty

Priced at $99.00 pr unit.

Link - Age of Aquariums - Eheim PowerCleaner Algae Scraper

Ben 8O

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